23 September 2015

Countdown - D minus 8


This blog will cover Sphere's European tour together with Leprous and Rendezvous Point, and the last days of preparation. We hope that you will find it amusing to follow us here on the tour from day to day! We've heard rumours that it is wi-fi on the bus.

We will try to share all the fun and interesting stuff that happens along the tour, and document it with photos.

Now it is 8 days left till departure, and we have been working hard the last couple of weeks. A lot of gear to be ordered, put togheter and tested. And of course: Practise, practise, practise!

Several of our racks have been replaced by more hardy cases from Rufo. The last one arrived monday, and Marius stayed up all night to transfer and fit all the gear.

This rack will control lights to our backdrop, click-track, backing tracks, in-ear monitoring for the drummer (Bjørn) and the vocals (Isak), and sending some of the sounds (kick, snare, click and backingtracks) to the in-ear monitoring units for the rest of the band.

The D-panel in the back makes this rack a really nice plug-and-play unit.

Tonight it is yet another rehearsal.