10 October 2015

Day 10 - Garaje, Murcia, Spain

And we thought Madrid was sunny and hot.

When I peeked out of the window this morning I was fooled by the shadow provided by the venue in which the bus had come to a stop. I thought to myself "oh well, at least we had some sun yesterday". I was definitely surprised when I went outside to find the weather to be way warmer than yesterday even with a warm breeze, which is the main thing that differs from Madrid where the wind was nippy.

Murcia is located pretty far south in Spain not too far from Alicante. The venue had a major roof balcony where we spent a few hours after loading in our gear. Bjørn and Isak got sunburned and Isak had to spend some time inside the backstage area to fully recover from the blistering sun.
The sun roof was also a perfect chance to dry clothes, so a few hours was also spent trying to wash clothes by hand in the sink. They end up smelling slightly better than before washing, but beggars (traveling artists in this case) can't be choosers.

Today is also Ulriks birthday. Isak made sure the audience knew and he was greeted and applauded properly on stage and after the show several people approached him wishing him happy birthday.

Birthday boy in sandals.

Disregard pirate. Isak had just cut his hair short again and needed protection as his pale Norwegian skin was not prepared for the beating handed out by the Spanish October-sun.
Yes, for you beer knowers. We were indeed drinking Budweiser. And we loved every second of it.

The drying of clothes.

The venue before gear is applied.

We did not spend too much time scouting out the area as it didn't seem to be much happening around this part of town, except from our show of course.

The venue in itself was pretty decent and the show went off without a hitch.