03 October 2015

Day 3 - Euroblast, Cologne, Germany

A goal has been met. When we formed the band, our primary goal was to play at the EuroBlast festival some time in the future. Today we did just that and what a show it turned out to be!

The day started off a little stressful due to all the logistic issues from yesterday; however, after a really long bus drive we finally arrived at the festival and were pleasantly surprised by the warm German autumn-sun.

We did not have much time to get on stage, but luckily, everything went smoothly and the crowd was awesome! 
After the show we met a lot of nice people, some of them were old acquaintances others heard us for the first time and had to share their enthusiasm. One pleasant surprise was the vocalist of Monuments, Chris Barretto, who told us that he really enjoyed the show (we grew a couple of inches at that moment).

There were several tents with food, equipment end guitars for display around the festival area. Marius was especially interested in the 9-string Ibanez, although the rest of the band might not be too stoked of the idea.