18 October 2015

Day 16 - ?, Maasmechelen, Belgium

After a pretty long bus ride from the British islands we arrived at the venue. Or so we thought. The bus stopped and the Tour Manager went out to find the local promoter, but the place was deserted.

We soon found out that the show was moved to a new venue due to a double booking or something. The new venue was only a few extra minutes and we were met with the sight of barbecue right outside the venue entrance. The inside of the venue looked sort of like a Norwegian "Bedehus" with old chairs, dull colors and the crucifix over several of the doors. 


Our sound-guy was also thrown out by the promoter after complaining about how the venue mixed the electricity meant for lights and back-line (sound-system), something that often creates interference which means a humming sound.
This put the entire gig in limbo as we can not play without a sound-guy. Besides, our sound-guy is top of the line.

The Tour Manager was involved and everything was mellowed. Sort of.

The kind of toilet we often meet. I mean.. Why?
It also looks like the toilet has a happy face as if laughing at our cold, unfortunate immediate future.

The backstage was big and the catering was barbecue and salad. The show went great and we got a few new fans. Again we set a new personal record selling merchandise!

Tomorrow is "Substage" in Karlsruhe which is supposed to be amazing. Looking forward to that!