08 October 2015

Day 8 - RCA club, Lisbon, Portugal

The weather in Burgos was cold so it was a delight to arrive in Lisbon, Portugal with a temperature of  25C and splendid sunshine.
We all changed out our jeans in the favor of shorts and after the load-in, we went for a stroll to have a look at the neighborhood.
The venue is located in a calm part of the city with only a few restaurants nearby. We found the backstage which was located in the backyard of the venue. The bus driver provided us with a wire we could use to sun-dry the clothes after washing them in the sink.

The stage was deep with decent space and just like in Paris, it had a gallery where people could stand to overlook the stage only to get blinded every once in a while by the moving lights that has the force of 1000 exploding suns.

The show in itself went great and the audience seemed to be enjoying the show.

Leprous doing a soundcheck.

We would like to take a moment to thank the local crew of RCA Club. We've never seen such an effective workforce. Thank you so much for making the stay so much more enjoyable!

Tomorrow we're back in Spain, this time Madrid.