05 October 2015

Day 5 - Le Divan Du Monde, Paris, France

This was a very stressful day! We arrived in good time, but our equipment did not. It's hard to play a concert without instruments and when the doors were supposed to open we were still waiting for the equipment to arrive. This lead to a bit delay and limited sound checks. Anyway, we feel we did a good job and after a few songs, some metalheads forced their way to the front and started headbanging.

Rigging rigging rigging.

While waiting for our equipment we scouted the area for music shops and there were hundreds of them! But for some reason all of them were closed. We found one, though, that was open because some people were filming some tv-report inside the shop. We went in only to find that the shop was filled with vintage guitars and amps.

Check out the strange leather-guitar behind Ulrik.

We went back to the venue as the truck with our equipment was supposed to arrive shortly, but the driver was stuck in traffic due to an accident and was therefore stuck in the Paris traffic 6 kilometers away.

Ulrik, Bjørn and Isak then went for some sightseeing at the beautiful Sacre Coeur cathedral.

Bjørn and Ulrik after the 300 steps

Random picture of tower

... aaand it was raining.

The venue was big and had a gallery overlooking the scene. Both the gallery and the floor were packed with people, the venue was close to sold out!