02 October 2015

Day 2 - Forbrændingen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Last night we went to bed rather early or at least most of us did, Marius and Bjørn had a few beers before joining the rest of us in a wave-induced sleep aboard the ferry.
We woke up in good time to have a coffee before Øystein and Isak headed for the rental car. As the venue was supposed to be in Copenhagen, we thought it would be easy to drop off the gear and return the car to the docks in no time; however, it appears Copenhagen is a bit bigger than Oslo and the venue is located 35 minutes outside the city center. 
But with the help of our lord and savior Google Maps and some failing cellular network, we managed to find the venue, drop off the gear and return to the docks in time.

Now, here we are backstage at the venue called "Forbrændingen". We've met with the other bands, the tour manager and the rest of the crew. They all seem like very nice people (not that we'd write anything gossipy online only for them to find), but they really do seem like a good bunch.

Over to the bus. It is a bit older than we anticipated and the trailer is less than half the size ordered, thus, we will need to stuff most of our gear inside the bus for the first few days.

Following are a few pictures of the venue, backstage and lunch table (for some reason).

This is the food we got when we got here, we also got fruits, dinner later on and a fridge full of beer, water and soft-drinks.
Disregard the doomed plate.

Sound and lights-table

Stage seen from above (obviously)

Exactly where we're writing this from. Backstage. (Isak took the picture).