13 October 2015

Day 13 - Garage, London, United Kingdom

Leaving the main land and entering the British Islands meant travelling by ferry. Everybody had to leave the bus and we headed straight for the cafeteria to test out a typical english dish: Fish'n'chips.

We think most agreed upon it not being the nicest meal we had eaten, especially since several had mistaken sugar for salt, and the sea started to get rough.

So a couple of hours later, it was a bus full of green faced and tired people that arrived London.

England isn't exactly famous for big backstage and storage rooms, so we had a bit of difficulty trying to find places to put our empty cases after everything was set up on stage. This meant having to climb big stacks of  boxes and guitar cases getting in and out of the shower and the toilet.

Plugging into the english power outlets is a story of it's own.

This day was so hectic and chaotic that we had no time to eat, and less so take any pictures. The second and last meal of the day was luckily better than the first. Isak and Øystein ate at Mcdonald's to get a quick energy boost, while the others ate at "The black swan" which was "ok".

The other bands had a lot of technical issues on stage. We managed to get through the show without too much problems and chose to get out of the building rather than staying in the packed backstage of frustration.

Tomorrow is a new day in a new city. Here we come Manchester.