26 September 2015

Countdown - D minus 5

At rehearsal yesterday, Bjørn worked so hard behind the drums that a pool of sweat shorted the sound card in the "live rack". Good thing it happened before the tour, and not on one of the concerts.

So now we have to buy a new one, and make sure that Bjørn doesn't moisturize more of our gear.

He's looking very good in his white shorts!

Marius was struggeling as usual plugging his in-ear into the receiver on the back of his guitar strap.

It's very nice to have it tucked away while playing, but it is a bit inaccessable when you need to get to it.

Today it is time to plan the different sets for the tour, make sure all the tracks on the computer is in correct order, that click-tracks are sounding at the right places and that back drop light tracks are synchronized with the music.

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