11 October 2015

Day 11 - Razzmatazz2, Barcelona, Spain

To think that people would settle in the cold north when there are places as hot as this during the fall. Well, to each his own, Isak prefers a slightly colder weather after yesterdays heat on the roof balcony, but this was not a cold day.

Barcelona is pretty awesome. We were up before the bus arrived at the venue this time and got to see a lot from the window. Incredible architecture most of which is designed by Antoni Gaudí, an architect that favored nature as his main influence rather than the work of previous architects. He was also one of the people in Barcelona to fight for the implementation of trams as a public transportation and it didn't take long before they were all over the city.
Sadly, a few years later, he was hit by a tram and left to die as the people passing by thought he was a beggar due to his rough looks. He was later recognized and rushed to the hospital, but it was too late.

He did; however, manage to create a city decorated in artistic architecture unlike anything elsewhere in the world.

La Sagrada Familia. Excuse the bad picture. There are so many people here and we both know you didn't come here for the architecture. Google it if you really want good pictures.

Ulrik with what I assume is an office building behind him. Obviously not created by Antoni Gaudí. I mean. That thing does not look anything natural.

The venue was very big and we were the 2nd of 6 bands today. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people in the audience when we went on stage and the show went well. We were only scheduled to play 25 minutes and chose therefore to only play the most heavy songs.

No silly, the drum-set is supposed to be ON the stage.

Not too easy to see on these pictures, but we had three (3) drum-sets on stage. Not too much space.

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