12 October 2015

Day 12 - Ninkasi Kao, Lyon, France

Time for pants again. The shorts will probably be left in the bottom of the luggage only to be washed when we get home and then forgotten until summer comes to Norway.
It is cold here in Lyon. The weather is gray and both Marius and Isak is having some issues with sore throats, so Isak and Bjørn set out to find a cure.
Garlic and ginger was bought, cut up and added to a boiling hot green tea with a big spoon of honey.
It didn't take long before we were feeling slightly better, but with slightly worse smelling breath. Fair trade.

Bjørn, Ulrik and Isak went to find some good french restaurant, while Marius was fast asleep and Øystein ate the catering provided by the venue.

Well, the trio did not find any good french restaurants nearby that looked promising, so we ended up going to a sushi restaurant instead and were surprised by incredibly high-end sushi.

Back at the venue we found this mutant tomato. The girl is the bassist from Rendezvous Point.  

The show went way better than we anticipated and I, Isak, am certain that this is due to my garlic-ginseng-tea.

Not much else happened this day and not many pictures were taken. 

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