14 October 2015

Day 14 - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, United Kingdom

Unlike yesterday, we had a lot of time after load-out to check out the nearest area. 
It appears Manchester is not too bad. 

A random park merely a couple of blocks away from the venue.

Jelly Beans soap.

Typical hooligans in the city of Manchester. 

A bridge over what can only be described as incredibly troubled water.

Bjørn and the park. Could be a book title. Then again, maybe it already is?

We also got the chance to eat actual British breakfast. Not the rubbish we ate at the ferry. (Check out my English lingo).

A proper British breakfast

The venue is called the Ruby Lounge. I tried taking a few pictures, but due to dim light the pictures were deleted.
The stage is pretty low above the ground, which is something I as a vocalist tend to enjoy. It means I can get close and personal with the audience instead of standing above them. 

I more or less always talk about the catering. The catering this time was very good actually. Sushi, good vegetarian food for the veggies and loads of snacks, beer and other drinks.

The beer was almost exclusively consumed by the promoter.

Although the audience was not massive, we delivered a good show. Marius still has some issues with his throat, but all in all it went well.

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