15 October 2015

Day 15 - The Fleece, Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol is the last of the English cities we'll play in on this tour. This was definitely the weirdest day on the British isles. First of all, the promoter of the gig did not show up at all, nor did he do much promoting of the gig. The venue had failed to get a hold of him for several weeks so we had to improvise "a bit".

The leaning towers of musicians.
Mid rigging.

The stage. Not sure what the deal with the metal beams are.
Leprous sound-check.

This was by far our worst gig. Ever. Most of the cables in the venue didn't work properly. The microphone for the lead singer (me) stopped working  mid-show, but as Marius was unable to sing today I took his microphone instead.
Marius also had to go off stage several times due to issues with the signal on his guitar and due to the ancient sound system there was a constant feedback.

We cut a couple of songs from the set and felt like everything went against us until we heard that we set a new personal tour-record selling merchandise. A few people also came over after the show telling us how much they enjoyed it, this of course made things a little better.

Due to lack of promoter and thus, lack of catering, we had to eat at an Italian restaurant.

Tomorrow we're going back to the continent and we are really looking forward to some nice venues ahead!

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