06 October 2015

Day 6 - Le Ferrailleur, Nantes, France

This was our best day so far. We had a lot of time to prepare, adjust the monitoring, eat and relax. And boy, did we eat!
The backstage was filled to the brim with food, drinks and snacks and just when we thought we'd tasted everything another plate of some french delicacy was brought out.

Marius flabbergasted by the amount of food.

The venue in itself was very nice and it had a huge metal fan (lol) in the ceiling pushing fresh air through the crowd.
Just like Paris, the venue was more or less packed with people on this Tuesday night. The French are truly lovers of live music.

Tomorrow is a day off, the last day off before 13 days of concerts. The bus left Nantes around 3AM and after a few hours of driving we stopped at a gas station where we met this tiger-friendly trucker.

Lampe Daniel. Possibly slightly funny in Norwegian.

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