07 October 2015

Day 7 - Day off, Burgos, Spain

Yesterday was the day of food.
Ironically today was the day of lack of food. Or lack of eatable food rather.

We woke up to a sunny day in the cold city of Burgos, which is located in the middle of north-Spain. We wanted out of the bus as soon as possible as a plate of french cheese was going rancid in the fridge rendering the bus inhabitable.
The bus driver had been driving too long and had to sleep until 2AM leaving us to the mercy of the Spanish hospitality.
After looking for landmarks we spotted the towers of the Burgos cathedral which is known for its vast size and incredible architecture. 

Getting closer to the cathedral, we started to get hungry and figured that the restaurant close to the cathedral looked tempting. At this point we didn't think too much about the fact that there were nobody eating anything at the restaurant and we all ordered a plate of lamb-chops, except from Øystein, he ordered an entrecôte. The food arrived after about 30 minutes and left us in shock at the immense lack of meat. The meal cost 17 euros...

Note: This is not intended to be a food-blog or anything, but we feel like this was kind of ridiculous, so please bear with us.

 I had not eaten any of the food at the point of the picture.

We quickly asked for the bill and left the restaurant without feeling any less hungry. We felt violated, tricked and exploited for our lack of local knowledge. We spent the next four hours tying to find a restaurant with actual food, only to be met with the usual "the kitchen is closed until 8 PM". So we waited until 8 PM and rushed to a restaurant we had scouted out earlier. It looked promising and they had a pretty good looking menu, we ordered the most expensive dish and told the waiter that we wanted the meat cooked well done. After an hour of waiting we finally received the much anticipated food and was again in shock. How is it possible that two different restaurants manage to let us down on the same day?
The plates were sent back to the kitchen and we left to save ourselves from further disappointment.

Well done meat... Yeah right!

Now, I don't want this entire post to be about us whining, so lets get to the good stuff. We found a burger joint and we all bought the safest sounding burger. They also had a burger with octopus, but after the day's happenings, we were smarter than that.

"I told you we should've gotten a burger" - Marius Strand.

A burger in Burgos.

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